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You’re just starting out
and you need some Cactus cover.

You’re just starting out and you’ve got the basics – tools and a wagon. Think you can take the “she’ll be right mate” approach to insurance? Don’t be an idiot. You’re probably only being paid peanuts, so what if some fool nicked your tools? You’d be cactus. Don’t worry, we have a super simple package that’ll cover you nicely.


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Easy as process and service. We’ve digitised our processes so you don’t have a mountain of paperwork to get through.

We’ve teamed up with our rad partners to give you the sickest deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just started out. Do I need insurance or will my employer sort me out?

Don’t assume your employer has insurance, or the right cover to keep you protected. Ask what insurance is in place and give us a call to check the details stack up. It’s not worth getting on site for a dodgy boss and getting screwed over.


I’ve only got a few tools, is insurance even worth it?

If your tools got stolen tonight, could you afford to miss work or replace them? For less than a $1 a day, we can cover up to $5k of tools and have you sorted within 48 hours. If your tools are under 10 years old, you’ll get a spanking new replacement, and if they’re older, you’ll get a cash amount.


My car’s already cactus, and I use the one at work; why would I need insurance?

Can you afford to replace a new Beamer? If you smash a car, you’re legally responsible for the cost of the repairs. Our liability cover will sort you out for any third party damages. Phew!

My car is already insured, does this protect me when i’m at work?

If your car is used for business purposes, it will not be covered under your normal road insurance.

My current employer wants me to use the work van for all trips. Do I need separate insurance?

Your current employer’s Vehicle Insurance should cover you for all accidents and damages when the vehicles being used for work purposes, assuming you’ve got a valid license.


What’s Liability Cover and do I need it?

If you drop a spanner on someone’s head or smash an antique when moving furniture, you might find yourself cactus! If your employer’s not fully insured, any bodily or property damage you cause, you could be responsible for. That could be a couple of year’s wages! Even if your employer has full cover, you are only protected when working for them. Any jobs on the side, you’ll need your own cover for.

I just cut through the only fuel pipe to Auckland airport, am I responsible?

You’re new, mistakes happen! Your employer should have your back with their full cover when you are working for them.