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When your car, ute or van is cactus, we’ll help you get back on the road faster.

Your vehicle is what gets you from A to B. If you have a smash, you could be looking at some pretty steep damage costs. Our Vehicle Insurance will save your butt if you get pinged or the new guy smashes a beamer. We’ve even got you sorted for this lot:

Along with covering your vehicle (and whatever you hit), we will also over you for:

Windscreens, Sunroofs and Windows

All of these with no excess to pay.


Covered up to $5000, if damaged.


Lost a load of building materials on the road? We will cover the cost for you to clear the road and get your load onto another vehicle. Covered up to the value of $20,000.


Your personal property is also covered in the event of an accident, up to the value of $3000.


We will cover you for damages or defence costs arising from an at fault accident, up to the value of $10,000,000.


We can also cover your employee’s vehicles while they are being used for your business if this makes their own insurance invalid, or if they are uninsured, up to a limit of $50,000.

Accidental death

Covered at $15,000.

New Vehicle Replacements

If it’s new and registered in NZ, we’ll replace the insured vehicle with a new vehicle of the same make, model and specification.

“Terms and conditions apply. A copy of the policy wording is available from Cactus on request”


As a Cactus member you’re eligible for a heap of awesome member benefits (full list here). One of which is free membership to Crash Management.

If you are involved in a crash our partners Crash Management will manage everything for you – from transport from the crash site, to a replacement vehicle while they sort out your repairs. They’ve got your back, no extra charge.

Spike’s Tip!

Don’t let a d*ck get behind the wheel. Always check the driving history of your employees before you let them drive your vehicle, a suspended licence or DIC could jeopardise your cover.

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Easy as process and service. We’ve digitised our processes so you don’t have a mountain of paperwork to get through.

We’ve teamed up with our rad partners to give you the sickest deals.

What our mates say

Mike Drum

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The process was easy as! The whole thing was simple to use which was a massive benefit to me

Matt Dangen

MJD Electrical

There was no muckin’ around. Super easy to follow and really clean. There’s lots of cover in there that I had no idea about

Nick Josephson

BBT Digital

Highly recommend these lads, a great bunch that understand the needs of a tradie with flexible options to suit my needs. 10/10