4 tips to get your site safety up to scratch


When was the last time you checked out your SSSP? With everything that’s happened this year, you’ve probably had a lot of different safety protocols thrown together. So now that things have *hopefully* calmed down, here are some tips to get your site safety back up to scratch in time for 2021.


1. Put your SSSP in an obvious place

If anyone from WorkSafe turns up, you’ll want to make sure your site-specific safety plan is in a place where everyone can see it. If you’ve got one but it’s lost in amongst the rubble, it’s time to fish it out and make sure it’s clearly visible. Stick it up by the front door, and if it needs to be moved at any point, make sure this is noted somewhere and everyone knows where its new home is.


2. Update your Hazard Board

How often do you use your Hazard Board? You should be using it regularly, and not just when the auditors come through. Not only will it make sure everyone who’s on site is safe, it’ll also fulfil your legal obligations to communicate hazards to every person who enters the site. Keep a marker pen handy in your safety kit, or next to the sign-in register to remind you to make sure it’s always updated.


3. Pick a person to induct visitors

It’s important that everyone who enters your site knows the drill about safety. They need to be aware of what hazards are present on that day and how they can keep themselves safe. The last thing you need is the client tripping over some wiring and ending up in the hospital – not ideal for you or for them. Pick one person who will be responsible for inducting any newcomers to the site to make sure you’re covered.


4. Listen to the team

You might think your SSSP is all sorted and you’ve got the right methods in place. But sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is exactly what you need. Your team are the ones who are working in the trenches so to speak, so you should be getting their input too. Get their feedback on any improvements they would make. If they feel as though their input matters, they’ll be more likely to follow the plan too.

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