Are you an SME owner? Here’s why you need to look after yourself


As the owner of an SME, you have a higher risk of experiencing burnout, especially if you haven’t been taking care of yourself. This will not only have a negative effect on your mental health, but it will also significantly impact your business’ productivity and success. Here are some ways you can reduce burnout and look after yourself.

Get enough sleep

It’s no secret that your body needs to get enough sleep in order to function properly. Getting some solid shut-eye increases your productivity and gives your body time to recharge – plus, nobody wants to deal with someone who’s tired and grumpy all the time. Make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night to keep you in tip-top shape.

Food is fuel

Healthy eating increases your energy levels and keeps you focused. Make sure you’re fueling your body with the right food and drink. It can be tricky to eat right when you’re on the go, but a bit of prep the night before will go a long way. Taking proper lunch breaks and drinking water regularly will help fuel your body so you can crush your tasks for the day.

Take time to unwind

We’ve talked about what you can physically do to increase productivity, but you need to put in the mental work as well. Taking the time to unwind can look different for everyone. Some people enjoy spending time in nature, while others pick up a hobby so they can disconnect from their work and focus on something creative. Taking the time to relieve your stress however you like will benefit your overall mental well-being.

Learn how to say ‘No’

An important skill to have is saying no. We often get caught up with potential opportunities and risk being overwhelmed and fully booked. Identify your business’ core values and only accept opportunities that align with these. Taking on more work than you can reasonably handle will lead to longer workdays and more stress, ultimately hurting your business.

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