Spike’s Survival Guide – Staying safe on site


A tradie’s job is basically a minefield of risks and hazards – you’re like the James Bonds of the working world, dodging falling debris, dealing with red wire/blue wire situations, and doing all the heavy lifting to get the job done. But even James Bond isn’t invincible and needs to keep his sh*t together to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Here are some great tips to keep you site-smart and rocking the 007 instead of the 111…

Get the latest gear

Obviously we’re not talking about laser pens and headlight missiles (we wish!), but any professional needs the right gear. Make sure that your hardhat is up to scratch, as in one you haven’t dropped 576 times, and get yourself some properly tough kicks. You’ll also need some protective goggles/glasses and durable gloves to get the job done right. Kit yourself out in the latest, toughest gear and you’ll be ready to smash it in the field.

Brief the team

Whether this is you or your superiors, the team should get together daily to discuss any known hazards or any new ones that might have popped up. To do your job right, you need to know where all the bad guys (the hazards, obviously) are and how to be prepared and stop them in their tracks. This is a good chance for the team to be reminded of what to do in certain situations, and for anyone to bring up anything dangerous they might have noticed.

Practice defensive driving

This one’s probably a bit more fun, but just FYI, defensive driving doesn’t mean doing drifties or taking your mate’s new wheels for a joyride. There are usually plenty of vehicles on a job site and you’ll need to know how to handle them, whether it’s heavy machinery or just your work truck. If you need to get in and out of tight spaces without hitting the client’s neighbours’ cars, you’ll need to be pretty good behind the wheel. You’ll also need to know all the safety requirements for vehicles on site, like when you’ll need to use cones and/or rope off any areas. 

Refuel to stay alert

Yes, energy drinks are great, but you’ll most likely be batsh*t crazy for an hour or so and then crash hard afterwards. Try replacing these with some good old Powerade and maybe a Berocca or two to keep you going. Pies are also all good and well, but we all know that once you’ve had that amazing bundle of fat and pastry, you’re not likely to be feeling like the sharpest tool in the shed. When there are lots of hazards around to be aware of, maybe stick to some chicken sammies to keep the protein intake up. After all, did you ever see James Bond chucking down a mince pie and some Red Bull? 

Ditch the smartphone

This might be the most Bond-esque tech you have on site, but as we’ve all been told and probably have all experienced, your phone is a huge distraction. Whether you’re chuckling over that crack-up meme your mate tagged you in, or you’re getting grilled by your missus about when you’ll be home, you need to keep the focus and put it away while you’re on the job. We’re pretty sure your other half would rather you ignored her at work instead of coming home with one hand because you were distracted. Well, hopefully. 

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