Need new tools? Here are some tips!


So you’ve scored the tradie role of your dreams. Well, maybe it’s just an apprentice but you’re on your way, right? Now you need every tradie’s prized possession – your tools. But where do you start? How do you know which ones are good? And what do you need to do once you’ve got them? 

So many questions, but we’ve got the answers.

Don’t cheap out

We get it, you’re just starting out and you don’t have a lot of cash to be blowing on tools just yet. But trust us, there are some things you just need to fork out for to get the job done, and the last thing you want is to be buying new tools again in a few months because they didn’t last. It’s best to stick with pro brands for any power tools, or hand tools with moving parts that will get the sh*t kicked out of them on a daily basis. For things like hammers and mallets, you probably don’t need top-of-the-line.

Get some good recs

If you don’t know your Ozitos from your Makitas, then you’ll need to get some recommendations from the experts. Check out expert reviews online or even ask your new boss or work mates what they reckon is the best. The more research you do the better, so make sure you look into everything and weigh up the pros and cons of each brand because you’ll be needing these to last you a while.

Storage is key

There’s no point spending megabucks on some awesome tools if they’re just going to get chucked around in the back of your truck everyday. Make sure you’ve got some kind of storage container for your tools that will keep them safe and out of sight when you’re not using them – we don’t really need to mention how bad tradie tool theft is in ol’ Kiwiland do we? If you need to, add some mods to your vehicle to accommodate your tools and make sure they don’t get damaged when you’re travelling to and from the job site.

Yup, insurance

You knew this was coming, right? It’s all very well shelling out for decent tools and storing them safely, but if some b*stard does actually get their hands on them, you need to make sure you’re covered! It’ll also make your life easier if you have to make a claim if you keep things like receipts and tool serial numbers on hand. It’s a good idea to chuck your name on them too – don’t get out your label maker, you need to get that sh*t engraved.

So you’ve got your recs, you’ve got your cash, now make those tools all yours! Then come and see us about making sure they stay that way!

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