Tips for tradies – Vehicle insurance


Making sure your wheels are covered is probably one of the first things on your insurance to-do list if you’re a tradie. As your pride and joy, your vehicle is probably very well-looked after – maybe more than you look after yourself – so if anything happened to it, you’d be pretty pissed. Here’s some handy tips to keep that beast of yours safe and sound while on the job.

Get your numbers right

When you’re insuring your truck, you need to make sure that you can actually get another one just as cool if anything happens to it. The last thing you want is to have to replace your monster with a kitten, aka a Toyota Corolla…So you should set what’s called a “sum-insured” at an accurate market value – that’s how much you’ll actually get if someone nicks your wheels. If you set it too high, you’ll be paying way too much in premiums, but if you set it too low, hello Corolla.

Insurance comes first

You’ll look pretty stupid if you drive your new ride out of the lot and you have an accident straight out of the gate. You’ll look even more stupid if you don’t have insurance sorted already. Make sure you let your insurer know before you buy because they can ‘hold covered’ for you. If your team already has a vehicle policy in place, you might be able to add your new wheels to that, just double check with your insurer and your boss first.

Who’s behind the wheel?

Make sure that anyone who gets behind the wheel of your truck is actually doing it legally – so no drunken joyriding (should go without saying!) or newbie drivers. If you’ve got vehicle insurance, you’ll make it completely useless if someone drives it without your say-so or breaches any of their license conditions while driving it. So as well as making sure anyone who drives it keeps their dirty boots off your seats, you better also make sure that they’re doing everything by the book.

Check your mods

Although you might think your truck is way cooler with a turbo-charged engine and spinning chrome mags, not every modification you make to your vehicle will be covered by your insurance. A lot of insurers won’t cover you for after-market parts or engine modifications so it pays to check what your policy does include before pimping your ride.

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