Want to host the best summer barbie? Try out these great tips!


If it’s your turn to have the family and friends over for a summer BBQ celebration, you’ll want it to be the best one yet. From cooking the meat to perfection to getting the atmosphere just right, there’s plenty to think about when it comes to hosting the best summer BBQ. Check out our tips for making it an event to remember!

1. Get the good stuff

When it comes to a great BBQ, the food plays a crucial role. That’s why it’s important to get the good cuts of meat and season them just right. You don’t need to go overboard – a good sprinkle of salt and pepper will do – but to make it really stand out, use a dry rub and apply it half an hour beforehand so the meat can soak up all the flavour.

2. Keep the bar stocked

If you really want to stand out and show you’ve put some thought into it, make sure the bar is well-stocked with all of your guest’s favourite drinks. Have a cousin who doesn’t drink? They’ll appreciate a few non-alcoholic beers or even a couple of cans of Coca-Cola. If you’ve got an aunt who’s particularly fond of a certain liqueur, you’ll be right in the good books by having her favourite tipple on hand.

3. Give everyone a seat

There’s nothing worse than awkwardly balancing a plate of food in one hand while trying to hold onto your drink with the other. Make sure there are plenty of seats for your guests, and add little tables here and there for people to put their drinks on – it could be as simple as turning a plastic box upside down, or having an empty chilly bin out for guests to put their plates on.

4. Get your playlist right

As much as you might want to play your favourite death metal band on repeat, consider the other guests at your BBQ and create a playlist that has a little something for everyone. Add in some modern hits mixed with some absolute classics to keep everyone happy. If you know it’ll get lively later on, make another playlist with some great dance hits to keep the good vibes coming.

5. Provide some fun activities

Not everyone is content to sit and chat for hours. If you’ve got younger friends and family members, you might like to set up a few fun games they can play in the backyard. Things like giant Jenga or croquet always go down well, or if you don’t have time to sort that out, you could set up a good old beer pong table or some darts – just make sure people don’t get too silly around any sharp objects!

What do you think takes a BBQ from good to great?

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