What can happen if you don’t have Contract Works sorted?


From minor renovations to a new build, Contract Works insurance needs to be in place to avoid any nasty surprises. 

Contract Works insurance is designed to cover accidental and sudden physical loss or damage to the property that is insured during the construction period. 

There’s a lot that can go wrong during a build, so it’s important that you’ve got everything sorted before you start. 

Here are some examples of just what can go wrong:

Someone could hijack a digger and drive through the build

Yes, this really happened. The team arrived on the building site the next morning to find that vandals had commandeered a 20-tonne digger and smashed the bucket right through the roof and walls of the build. With the rebuild costs coming in at over $1 million, that’s definitely something you want to be covered for.

A freak tornado could rip through the site 

In a pretty bad stroke of luck, a tornado tore through a company’s new site, ripping off the roof and cutting off the power supply. This devastating act of God caused upwards of $100,00 worth of damage – not ideal.

Thieves could steal everything but the kitchen sink from your site

In Wellington, two building sites were left with a bill of more than $50,000 after thieves broke in, smashing through walls and stealing electrical cables, metal, ladders and working platforms, a range hood, guttering, paint, drills, tool chargers, a skill saw, electrical cables, cabinet handles, four security cameras, a hard drive, as well as nails, screws, brackets and bolts. 

Don’t take the risk – chat to us about getting your Contract Works sorted today!

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