Who are we?


Cactus insurance. The urban dictionary definition of the word cactus is dead or not functioning.

Why would we call our insurance company by a name that essentially means it’s f***ed? Well, in truth we think that a lot of the current insurance offerings for tradesman are f***ed. They are complicated and niggly, simple as that, and you know what? We’re pretty sure you agree.

From the confusing names such as ‘commercial biz plus mobile assets’ to the extensive forms and the archaic systems, we think that the insurance industry needs a shake up.

It’s bullshit. So we decided to launch Cactus.

Now, we’re not here telling you we have all the answers or solutions, because we don’t, but what we can say is that we hear you. We hear you when you say that it’s too hard to print, sign and scan a form back to us, you’re on a construction site FFS!? How is it reasonable to expect that? It’s not.

We hear you when you say insurance payment methods suck. Why should we demand an annual payment as the only method? We shouldn’t. You are a business owner and you need flexibility of cash flow, tailored payment options should be standard. We get it.

We may be small but we are here to make a difference and we’re not going away. Step by step we are going to use the vast and amazing array of new technologies available to completely revamp how Kiwi tradesman get the insurance cover they need to run their businesses.

Online forms you can fill on your iPad onsite? Sure.

Flexible payment options? Absolutely.

Ridiculous 40-page policy documents you need to keep for years? Nope.

Confusing product names? Hell no.

That’s what we are offering. A fresh new way of insuring your trade based business, digital and easy.

Whether you’re a brickie in Tokoroa or a sparkie in the Hutt, we can’t wait to support you and protect your business and eliminate the rubbish insurance niggles from your life.

Come get Cactus with us.

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