Who should have Contract Works insurance?


Whether you’re doing a new build or a renovation, Contract Works insurance needs to be in place to cover you should the worst happen. So, who should have Contract Works insurance?


Who should have it

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you will need to have a contract in place to keep you protected.

Are you a builder or tradesperson?
Do you have a business that works on construction projects?
Are you contracted to work on a construction site?
Do you have a business who does regular renovations or alterations?
Do you require materials from various places that are in transit before reaching your site?
Is the building you own undertaking any renovations or alterations?

Contract Works insurance should be taken out by all sizes of commercial and industrial builders, domestic builders, sub-contractors and owner builders.


Who arranges this

The responsibility of organising Contract Works insurance for a new build falls on the builder or construction company. Professional builders usually choose an annual policy that covers multiple contracts, however they are able to take out a one off contract and look at getting this project by project.

Renovations or alterations are organised by the existing owner and they generally require a one off contract.


When do I need to take it out

Landslips, significant flooding, collapse and earthquakes are all risks that can occur during the foundation stages of construction. Waiting until a certain point of the job can also end up being more expensive and difficult to arrange. Before you start any work, have every step of the project covered.

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