Spike’s Survival Guide – Winter on the job site


Most of us think of winter and think of gloomy days and bloody freezing temperatures, but for tradies, it’s that and so much more. It’s muddy boots and cold socks, it’s early starts made harder and most of the team feeling pretty sh*t most of the time. While we can’t change the weather, we can help those on the frontline (tradies of course) get through it as unscathed as possible.

Watch the weather forecast

You don’t have to watch the news to get this, there are websites and apps and everything. If you keep an eye out first thing on how cold it’s going to be that day and whether it’s going to piss down or not, you’ll be much better prepared for how your day is going to go. Even if it’s not going to be a bunch of roses, at least you won’t get drenched if you plan ahead and wear your wet weather gear.

Dress properly

Which leads us to this point. You’ll look like a Class A idiot if you’re standing around in shorts and a singlet freezing your a** off on a winter’s day. Make sure any gear you have is in good condition (i.e. it actually works and doesn’t have holes) and that you keep it clean and dry when you’re not wearing it. Before the chill hits, stock up on any gear you need to replace or buy – you’ll need a heavy-duty moisture-resistant jacket, insulated gloves and hat, and sturdy boots with non-slip soles.

Keep an eye on potential hazards

Winter is a b*tch when it comes to slippery surfaces so make sure you and your team are all over it. Whenever you see (or slide around on) some ground that is super slippery from rain or frost, tell your team and alert your boss – while it can be a bit of a laugh watching everyone slide around or fall on their a**es, it’s not so funny when they get a broken tailbone or they’re carrying expensive tools.

Make sure your vehicles are sweet

You’ve got the general rules of driving to the conditions etc., but there’s also mechanical stuff you’ll need to keep an eye on. Just like you’d usually stretch and warm up before a run or a game of footy, your car also needs a bit of time to warm up, especially first thing in the morning. It pays to have some handy emergency equipment in your vehicle too in case you get stranded somewhere due to flooding. Your truck will probably blast through it all pretty well, but you might be able to help out someone else who’s stuck.

Stay safe this winter team!

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