Manufacturing Package

Whether you’re manufacturing your products from your garage or a factory, we’ve got your business covered.

If the worst happens, getting your production line back up and running is key, so we work to get repairs sorted for your business ASAP.

We’ll get you covered for

Business Assets

The things you need to run your business.

Loss of income

If you can’t make orders due to damaged equipment.

Motor Vehicles

Your work vehicles.


Your legal exposure.

Marine cargo

Your products and materials during transit.

Get me covered!

I work in .

What our mates say

Adviser: Nathan
It was my first time getting insurance and Nathan was really good. He’s the reason I signed up.
Adviser: Ilan
Getting cover was an extremely easy and very informative, enjoyable process.
Adviser: Ilan
My boss recommended Cactus Insurance to me and it’s been the easiest insurance process yet!
Adviser: Wayne
Wayne was good as gold.
Adviser: Nathan
Beautiful. Fantastic. Amazing.